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Royal warrants are a mark of recognition that tradesmen are regular suppliers of goods and services to the royal households.The Goring family continues to run the hotel, close to Buckingham Palace, 107 years after it was built by Jeremy's great grandfather and prides itself on offering the 'very highest levels of hospitality to be found anywhere in the world'.The venue holds a royal warrant, a mark of recognition that tradesmen are regular suppliers of goods and services to the royal households Since joining The Goring Hotel in 1990 the charismatic David Morgan-Hewitt(pictured escorting the Queen from the venue) has become 'as much of an institution as the hotel itself', the hotel website boasts He worked his way up to general manager and was appointing managing director in 2005.

Her Majesty was spotted leaving The Goring in London's Belgravia on Tuesday afternoon to cries of 'We Love You Ma'am the Queen! In previous years the Queen has chosen the establishment for her staff Christmas party as well as attending The Goring's annual festive knees-up.

The decorated Georgetown is absolutely charming and the surrounding countryside is picturesque especially during the scene where George and Susan take a sleigh ride through the fields.

It also has a wholesome, feel good charm, some sweet romance and a lot of Christmas magic especially with the entire town writing letters to Santa.

It means that whilst "The Christmas Gift" is still cliche it is entertaining and achieves that wintry warmth it sets out to deliver.

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What this all boils down to is that it would be a lie if I said "The Christmas Gift" was a great Christmas movie but it is one which despite its obviousness still works with a lot of warmth and beauty to make up for the numerous cliche aspects.So as I said at the start it would be easy to criticize "The Christmas Gift" as it is one of the most cliche Christmas movies going.