Outdoor adventure camps for adults

04-Dec-2017 08:28

Camp Wandawega, WI More , this restored former lake resort looks much like it did fifty years ago when it was hosting Latvian kids’ summer camps.

The old-school facilities are still intact, including a tennis court, boating dock, archery course and shuffleboard.

Expect to make friends—organizers curate the hundred or so attendees, then arrange them into color war teams that bunk together throughout the weekend.

Camp Throwback, OH This heavily nostalgic getaway is essentially your childhood camp with alcohol compressed into four days.

The group is dedicated to creating a national network that “celebrates and inspires African American connections and leadership in nature.” Check the Outdoor Afro : With programming mostly for young adults age 18-24, OTA is a leader in the field of outdoor adventures for the LGBTQ community.

Boulder Bike Tours offers single- and multi-day rides for small and large groups along some scenic routes in beautiful Boulder, Colorado.