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A house in Nova Constituinte, in Salvador, is protected by a makeshift fence.

The arrival of crack cocaine has been particularly devastating there, and the number of murders in Bahia increased 430 percent between 19. By ALEXEI BARRIONUEVO Published: August 29, 2011 SALVADOR, Brazil — Jenilson Dos Santos Conceição, 20, lay face down on the rough concrete, his body twisted, sandals still on his feet, as the blood from his 14 bullet wounds stained the sloped alleyway.

He has added 7,000 new police officers in the past four years and authorized 3,500 more this year.

Bahia inaugurated its first community police unit in Calabar, a poor enclave surrounded by more expensive high-rises.

Wagner argued that these attitudes toward violence, along with an indifference shown by the state in providing police protection and social services, allowed murders to go largely unchecked.

They were the colonels, the outlaws that sought justice without the participation of the state.” Mr.

“He was followed until he was executed right here,” said Bruno Ferreira de Oliveira, a senior investigator. Conceição was the third person found murdered in the state of Bahia on that July day.

By day’s end, 6 would die violently, and by month’s end 354 had been killed, the police said.

“We have gone four years without a homicide on the parade route,” he said.

“For me, police readiness for the World Cup won’t be any problem at all.” Rio’s violent slums have been characterized by battles between the police and heavily armed drug gangs that have controlled large areas.Nóbrega said, and last year the state’s murder rate of 34.2 per 100,000 residents was higher than Rio’s, which fell to 29.8.