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02-Oct-2017 02:13

The Vintage hardware package features hardware component styles used on 1950s-era Gretsch kits, including drum mufflers, floor tom leg brackets, Rail Consolette tom holder, spurs, bass drum T-rods, throw-off, key holder and Remo® Fiberskyn bass drum logo heads.

Like its legendary predecessors from the 1950s, today’s Broadkaster faithfully produces warm, dense and punchy tones.

Even though "That Great Gretsch Sound" hasn’t changed over the years, Gretsch Drums have featured a variety of iconic badge designs.

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It featured a thin, three-ply shell and produced what was to be, “That Great Gretsch Sound.” Today, in the Gretsch Drum Factory in Ridgeland, South Carolina, USA, with the help of advanced drum-making techniques, the Broadkaster has returned, bringing with it all of sonic brilliance of its the product Stairville WGF-2000 Water Ground Fog 2000 Stairville WGF-2000 Water Ground Fog 2000, water-based low fog machine, Works without dry or crushed ice, Adjustable output volume and output range, works with regular fog fluid from Stairville, the generated fog is passed through the integrated water tank and...

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